I’ve always found LinkedIn a bit of a tricky fit. It’s a bit too “worky” for me to want to check at home, and a bit too “job hunty” to want to check at work. So message requests tend to pile up before I get round to reading them, and it’s usually from people I don’t know trying to sell me something anyway.

I know people who swear by it and have found excellent contacts and jobs though the site, so maybe I’d feel differently if I were actively looking for work. But I also find it a bit inflexible – it wants to pin you to a particular industry or job type – which doesn’t really work for me as I have simultaneous creative and sustainability careers running in parallel.

As with digitising anything, it is good to keep a CV online, in case your own computer system has a meltdown and you lose everything. Whenever I log in to LinkedIn I do tend to find relevant, interesting articles about the green fleet industry; and am spared the fluffy memes I’ve seen a million times on the other networks. And if I were to initiate serious job hunting mode, it probably would be the first place I’d start.

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