Hunting for Treasures

Geocaching is a great fun free family activity and an excellent way of turning a ‘boring’ walk into a treasure hunt adventure. All you need is a smartphone and the website, downloading the app might make things easier, but the website works just fine.

Geo – meaning Earth, and Cache – a French word invented in 1797 meaning a temporary hiding place to stash items (such as weapons or jewels!) mash them together and you’ve got a worldwide treasure hunt – yay!

The first thing to know is how to properly pronounce ‘cache’ – its ‘kash’. You have now saved yourself a half hour argument and can get straight on with the fun…

As with any new activity it can be a bit confusing to start, so save yourself another half hour of fumbling despair and read the beginner’s guide – hidden away on their website, just like a cache should be I suppose

There’s even a charming video to keep you right:

It’s amazing how many geocaches there are scattered around that people who don’t know about the geocaching world, or ‘muggles’ are oblivious of. So on a chilly Sunday afternoon, I tore my son away from his screen and off we went to find our first cache. I had treasure in my pocket to swap with whatever we found (essential) and a pencil to mark the log (also essential). I knew the local area quite well, so it was easy to find the rough location from the online map. There was also a hint on the website which told us the box we were looking for was at the base of a tree, which really helped to narrow things down. Of course it’s vital not to ruin the mystery for others, so I can’t tell you which tree it was, but rest assured we found what we were looking for.

In these days of solitary screens, geocaching is a welcome tonic, an excellent way of getting family or friends together to enjoy the great outdoors and collaborate in the magic of a hunt. Yes we found the small treasure, but we also found something much bigger, quality time and happy memories to last a lifetime. We can’t wait to find our next one…


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