Danny Ricciardo

Having never owned an iphone, I’ve always felt a wee bit left behind in the world of podcasts. When you Google anything, you have the option of searching All, Images, Videos, News and even Books, but not Podcasts (surely this feature would be great and is coming soon though, right?!) But it’s good that more and more podcasts are becoming available on android type devices with sites such as Podcast Addict and Audioboom.

Having being forced, er I mean ‘encouraged’ to like F1 by my boyfriend, I can happily now listen to F1 podcasts as I drive around in my (couldn’t-get-further-from-an-F1-car) car and better understand the sport.

One character (besides the obvious wonder dream machine that is Lewis Hamilton) stands out for me: Daniel Ricciardo. The killer instinct behind the cuddly smile is a fascinating juxtaposition and it would take someone with the face of a shark and the heart of a minnow not to want him to do well.

He’s even described himself as a “Honey Badger” – fuzzy on the outside and feisty on the inside. What’s not to love about that.


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