Hamish Henderson

I cannot wait to utter these words on stage:

On the Radical Road celebrates the centenary of Scottish folk hero Hamish Henderson. Brought up by a Gaelic-speaking single mother in Blairgowrie, then educated at Cambridge; Hamish believed that Scottish people can not express themselves fully in English so was passionate about keeping the Scots language alive. He was an early pioneer of the Edinburgh Fringe, so it is apt that Theatre Objektiv is bringing his poetry and songs back to the Fringe to entertain and inspire a new audience, 100 years since his birth. A great introduction to Hamish and his work.

Hamish Henderson on The Radical Road is on every night at 8pm at the Scottish Story Telling Centre on the Royal Mile. Tickets are available on the Edinburgh Fringe website: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on#q=%22Hamish%20Henderson%3A%20On%20the%20Radical%20Road%22

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