Tweeting cats and dogs

As a self confessed crazy cat lady, I was shocked to find the number one interest of my Twitter followers is… dogs. How can this be?! Isn’t sharing cat pictures the main point of Twitter? Does this mean we need to set up a new social media site?

Having never knowingly posted anything about dogs I hastily added some cute dog GIFs to prove I thought they were OK too. But then I saw an article about Captain Marvel’s cat Goose, which I just had to share, negating all my hard work.

Having some reasonably strong political beliefs I genuinely thought that politics would be the number one interest of my followers. But no. Dogs.

The second biggest interest was Music Festivals and Concerts… well I suppose that makes me look reasonably cool, doesn’t it?

The thirst biggest? The weather. More people on my Twitter are interested in the weather than the international average. 17% more in fact. Which just goes to prove I’m British I suppose. Current forecast? Raining cats and dogs.

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Bella playing Switch

Gen Z

“80% of 13–20-year-olds, or “Gen Z”, believe that gender did not define a person as much as it used to… and only 44% always bought clothes designed for their own gender”

I wish I could remember what I was buying online, something innocuous like a toaster, and when I went to fill in the form to complete my purchase they asked for my gender. “What the hell do they need to know that for!?” I fumed. I couldn’t even skip the question to prove a point.

I understand that marketing departments like to know who is buying their products, but forcing anyone to answer this question may very well backfire and turn potential purchasers away. Gender can be a loaded question for many different reasons, particularly if the only options on a form are male or female.

And even if a marketing department found out that 80% of people buying that toaster identify as female – what are they going to do about it? Start producing it only in pink?

Young people increasingly feel that gender doesn’t define them, so capturing this somewhat arbitrary information can make companies look out of date.

It’s probably just as well I can’t remember the name of the gift company that I saw lots of adverts for on YouTube last year. A man was unboxing loads of neat tech gadgets. “That’s cool,” I thought. “I wonder what the woman is going to find in her gift box?”…. Makeup. Groan. If I hadn’t valued my laptop so much I might have thrown it out of the window.

A world that is, thankfully, moving away from gender stereotypes, benefits not just for the trans community but absolutely EVERYONE. So lets stop asking this question unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Just be you you want to be

Dance the same?

I must admit I never understood why we moved away from yellow faced emojis and found myself gritting my teeth while hovering over a white or yellow face. Isn’t it better we escape judgments about skin colour or looks in general while online?

However, I must admit I did a squeal of joy when I heard there were emojis coming out with ginger hair!  So perhaps your online presence is the perfect place to showcase differences you are proud of, particularly if they are under-represented or even maligned in the mainstream.

Actually, I think I shed a tear of validation when I saw there was a single mum emoji (thank you Christina Aguilera’s Twitter!) Single mums are typically portrayed as incompetent parents or benefit scrounging sluts, instead of the kick-ass grafters of insurmountable love and that we truly are. So finding ways to represent ‘not so perfect families’ like mine can give us the chance to show them off in a positive light.

So in conclusion, if you want to use a generic yellow face and celebrate commonalities: that’s cool. Or if you want to celebrate uniqueness and select from over 30 different nose shapes on Bitmoji: that’s cool too. Dance the way you want to… just enjoy the party… and don’t leave a mess.


During an exercise that seemed like a serious bit of work but felt a lot like procrastination I checked the app permissions on my phone. Like all of life’s great mysteries the more I probed the more I developed questions rather than answers:

Why are 21 out of 45 apps using my camera?

Why do messaging apps need to know my location?

Why does the dictionary app need to access the telephone?

Why does Google need to access my contacts?

In fact, why does Google need to access EVERYTHING?

If I were an app developer I’d create a dating app that could read your heart beat then swipe automatically, as sometimes the heart knows what the head doesn’t.

Although that might accidentally match you with someone who just makes you angry…!

Footprints in the mud

What could be worse than someone finding your old diary, written by your angrier, less self aware, still developing self? Essentially years of social media addiction have left this emo masterpiece open to the world. I wonder about the stupid arguments I’ve had with complete strangers on social media rocket fuelled by too much coffee and not enough to do at the time. Will my potty mouth on Twitter and Faeces Book be used against me in years to come? Is there a quick way of finding and deleting the word c*** from years of knee-jerk comments and sleep deprived rants? Depending on which search engine you use I’m the 3rd most famous Andrea McKenzie at the moment, so if sh*t starts to get real, hopefully I can blame one of the other guys…

Welcome to the internet, wipe your fingers on the mat before you enter.


As an actor, writer and rock singer it’s been in my mind for some time to create a website, having navigated the stage, the page, the pub gig, the choppy waters of Twitter and Insta and the high seas of YouTube with some success. So when a colleague introduced me to Edinburgh University’s 23Things, the stars aligned… So welcome to my shiny website.

Below you’ll find my thoughts on the performing arts world and beyond: on technology, family and day to day life, I hope they make you smile. Feel free to add comments, or if there are any topics you’d like me to cover get in touch via the Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m off to learn some lines…

Andrea x