23 Things reflection

I started Edinburgh University’s 23 Things for Digital Knowledge around a year ago and I’ve found it really worthwhile. It’s a free course split into nice small chunks – or ‘Things’ – so it’s easy to pick up bit by bit when you have time. Most of the ‘Things’ I was vaguely aware of, so it was great setting aside time to explore them properly. I particularly enjoyed Thing 2 which was an introduction to blogging, and I hope to keep expanding this blog for years to come. I was surprised how much of the content I could share with the family, from Geocaching in Thing 17, to colouring pictures that came to life in Thing 18 and of course the online learning in Thing 21 couldn’t have come at a better time with us all locked down due to the corona virus pandemic. Learning about Wikimedia commons in Thing 10 was also fantastic – now I’m never short of an interesting image for a Powerpoint presentation…

It was nice to be able to read the community blogs if I felt a bit stuck, and of course writing/ blogging about what you’ve learned is the best way to ensure depth of understanding. It was good having the community on Twitter for motivation and the comments on my blog posts were a real boost. It probably would have saved me a lot of time (and swear words) if we had a bit more support with WordPress in the beginning, as it’s quite a frustrating software to initially learn. A video tutorial or two or three would have gone a long way. However, creating a website was probably the biggest thing I wanted to achieve through the course, and with each blog post I tended to learn something new, so I’ve absolutely achieved what I set out to. Thanks for reading.

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