How to be

Having used YouTube on a daily basis, I thought it would be interesting to explore and contrast fellow video sharing platform Vimeo. People had sent me links to Vimeo before, but I’d always found the site intimidating to navigate and understand, so it was finally time to put on my big girl pants and discover the platform properly.

The first thing you notice is a difference in the home pages. The YouTube home page is a splash of colour and clickable links, so you can dive right in to your entertainment rabbit hole. However with Vimeo you land on a bland page which wants you to sign up or you’re not seeing anything. So I signed up and – oh my goodness – it was worth it. The videos are cinematic sound and stunning visual quality. A feast of short films which have toured international film festivals, or created by people who soon will. The comments are very different too, on Vimeo it’s universally positive, applauding and supporting their creative peers. On YouTube, well, it’s a mixed bag of the good, the bad and the ugly jackass who really should get a better hobby.

The next thing you notice is the adverts – you’re surrounded by them on YouTube. It’s free to post and watch videos, so they’ve got to fun the site somehow I guess. However Vimeo is funded by subscription by the content creators, so it’s an ad free utopia.

I typed “How to” into the search functions of both sites. YouTube has saved my ass on several occasions, from fixing faults with my car to my boiler, it’s a huge money saver and a real practical help. So what was Vimeo’s top hit? The beautifully Zen, How to Be…

YouTube’s top hit? How to Kiss – a practical tutorial by two influencers! Zen instantly shattered. I watched 2 seconds of that video and I think I’ll need to put ‘How To Be’ on loop for the rest of the day. Boke.


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