With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable

Thomas Buxton, 1886

For most of us Wikipedia is the first stop on any research journey, but I have been finding out there is so much more to the wonderful world of Wikimedia. From buckets of quotes for when your inspiration takes a dip on Wikiquote, to free to use music on Wikimedia Commons, you could even take a course on Voice Acting at Wikiversity.

Feeling uplifted and wanting to share joy with the world I tried to add some epic beat boxing from Wikimedia Commons to my About page, so visitors can bop along to the beat as they read my creative history. But when I went to show my son to prove how down with the kids Mum really is, I found out it only works in selected web browsers. Damn. It’s a real shame they don’t make the music files available in a range of universal formats to satisfy every creative need, I grumbled, then downloaded some wine and went to bed.

However one thing about me is that I’m not easily beaten, or I’m perfectly stubborn, one of the two; so I clicked and read and clicked and read until at last I found an mp3 file, figured out a way to attach it and got it to work.

Ultimately I learned three things throughout this process: 1. Firefox is a far superior web browser; 2. the navigation of Wikimedia Commons is terrible, but if you drill down eventually you will strike gold; 3. perseverance pays off.


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