Face up

Ah Facebook – I use you every day and yet I hate you. You play on my fear of missing out, yet cause me to miss out on what is right in front of me – the beauty of the wonderfully wild world.

You have messed so badly with our News Feeds you now expect us to make Groups to find out about the people who we really care about.

Isolated, we join large groups of strangers with a single common interest, instead of spending quality time with close friends building several common interests together.

We scroll endlessly through groups, pages and news feeds, like a slot machine that rarely wins in a casino that never shuts. Switch off! Uninstall. Remember those old TV adverts “It’s good to talk”? TALK, to whoever is next to you. Use your phone to call a friend and ask them what they are up to and how they are. Instead of staring into the hypnotic online void.

Ah well, time for bed, I’ll have a quick check of Facebook, then enjoy a real book, then melt into a nice early night… OMG it’s 2am. What am I still doing on facebook!!!!?

Machir Bay, Islay

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