Tweeting cats and dogs

As a self confessed crazy cat lady, I was shocked to find the number one interest of my Twitter followers is… dogs. How can this be?! Isn’t sharing cat pictures the main point of Twitter? Does this mean we need to set up a new social media site?

Having never knowingly posted anything about dogs I hastily added some cute dog GIFs to prove I thought they were OK too. But then I saw an article about Captain Marvel’s cat Goose, which I just had to share, negating all my hard work.

Having some reasonably strong political beliefs I genuinely thought that politics would be the number one interest of my followers. But no. Dogs.

The second biggest interest was Music Festivals and Concerts… well I suppose that makes me look reasonably cool, doesn’t it?

The thirst biggest? The weather. More people on my Twitter are interested in the weather than the international average. 17% more in fact. Which just goes to prove I’m British I suppose. Current forecast? Raining cats and dogs.

You can follow me on Twitter here:

I’ll follow back if you’re a cat person.

Bella playing Switch


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